EXCLUSIVE: Waikiki assault caught on video; drunk men claimed to be feds

EXCLUSIVE: Waikiki assault caught on video; drunk men claimed to be feds

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - A man passing out fliers in Waikiki said he was assaulted by two men who shouted a racial slur at him and later flashed a badge and claimed to be  federal agents, and part of the incident was caught on video.

Prince Brown, 41, said the assault resulted in him getting surgery on his right hand for a torn tendon.

Brown said the incident happened at the corner of Kalakaua and Royal Hawaiian Avenues in front of the Ralph Lauren store in Waikiki at about 9:30 p.m. the night of Feb. 22.

He was handing out flyers for the Swat Gun Club, a Kuhio Avenue establishment.

While Brown passes out leaflets, he wears a black shirt emblazoned with SWAT across the front and a hat.

He said one of the men shouted the n-word at him, calling him "N----- SWAT,", so Brown started videoing with his iPhone as they continued to taunt him.

"I know those are expensive glasses there, because I got a pair," said the first man on the video, asking Brown how he afforded to purchase his glasses.

The video showed Brown tried to make conversation, but got threatened.

"What do you guys do for a living?" Brown asked them on the video.

The second man responded, "Uh, we shoot people with fake breast plates and s---ty helmets."

Brown said both men appeared to be drunk and were drinking from large beer cans.

When they realized he was recording them, they got angry and tried to get him to shut off the video.

That's when a scuffle broke out.

"I got really scared at the whole situation.  It got threatening and then all of a sudden it just got out of control.  The guy started assaulting me," Brown told Hawaii News Now Thursday.

Then, Brown told us what happened next.

"One guy pulled out his badge, said he was a federal officer, told me I was going to jail, that he was going to get me fired, or whatever," Brown said.

His lawyer, Myles Breiner said, "Someone's either impersonating a police officer or in fact it may be military related or civilian related police or law enforcement that were intoxicated and took it upon themselves to assault Mr. Brown for no reason."

Brown said while he was waiting for city paramedics and police to arrive at the scene, the two men returned and tried to get him to delete the video of the incident from his phone.

Brown asked anyone who recognized the men to call the police.

"These guys were way out of their bounds.  It was a nightmare.  I couldn't believe that people in here in Hawaii could do such a thing like that," Brown said.

"The behavior, at least reflected in the video that Mr. Brown captured, shows two individuals that apparently were intoxicated and saw no reason not to taunt him," Breiner said.

Honolulu police have opened a 3rd degree assault misdemeanor assault case in the incident.

The Crimestoppers program rarely highlights misdemeanors and only will do so if asked to be the detective handling the case.

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