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HPU reviews its class registration process

Paige Suniga Paige Suniga
Maria Kashem Maria Kashem
David John Cruz David John Cruz
Andrew Brittain Andrew Brittain
Curtis Washburn Curtis Washburn
HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Sometimes the toughest part of a college course is getting into the class you want.

"I signed up for an oceanography class and it dropped a week before I came out," said Paige Suniga, HPU Sophomore.

"It's expected I think but it shouldn't be. Honestly there should be, all classes available should be available to take. There shouldn't be so many cuts," said Maria Kashem, HPU Graduate Student. "I think it's up to me as a student to really make the most of my program here at HPU.  But I also think whatever is offered is available because I certainly wouldn't want my options to inhibit my potential for a great experience."

"When they drop things that we come here for it kind of affects us in a way like what are we paying for," said David John Cruz, HPU Freshman.

Hawaii Pacific University canceled 154 classes this semester.  That's about 13 percent of its total class offering.  It's not exactly out of the ordinary.  HPU canceled 145 classes in spring 2011 and 130 in 2012.

Most classes were cut because nobody signed up for them. Others were canceled because a professor was no longer able to teach.  A class is less economical if fewer than six people sign up, but if a course is canceled it shouldn't affect graduation.

"One of the goals as we finished registration is that any student that is going to graduate had the classes they needed to graduate.  Of course it's not always the classes they wanted but it was the classes they needed," said Andrew Brittain, Ph.D., HPU Vice President of Academic Affairs.

HPU is considering opening enrollment periods longer and encouraging students to choose classes sooner.  It may also allow students to see how many kids have already signed up for a class to see if it's filling up or if no one is in it.

"We are actually looking at our scheduling processes now. We have in the past scheduled more classes than we knew we were actually going to put on to see what the students responded to so there would be a selection there, the students would vote with their feet.  They pick classes they wanted to be in and we could cancel the other classes," said Dr. Brittain.

Over at Chaminade University administrators say only one or two classes a year may be dropped because of low enrollment.  Some students did say they haven't gotten into classes because they were too full.

Chaminade has started a new incentive program.  They guarantee you'll graduate in four years, if not the school will pay the remaining tuition.

"Of course they have to pass the courses, we can't do that for them but yes if for some reason they've done everything they're supposed to do and they are missing a requirement and they can't get it in that final year then Chaminade will cover the cost of whatever remaining requirements they have," said Curtis Washburn, Chaminade University Associate Provost for the Day Undergraduate Programs.

That offer is good for students who started this year and future students.


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