McNamara discusses monster ride off coast of Portugal

Dr. Richard Grigg
Dr. Richard Grigg

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow)

The perfect ride.
Most surfers can spend their entire lives searching for that one defining wave, but Garrett McNamara has already done it twice and has the compelling story to go along with it.
In his second national television interview since conquering what could be a 100 foot wave off the coast of Portugal, the North Shore resident described the ride on Thursday's edition of "CBS This Morning."
"Say you are driving in your car and you're on a really bumpy road and you are going as fast as you can possibly go and there's an avalanche coming after you," McNamara said. "Instead of trying to run away from that avalanche, you try and put yourself right next to it. As close as possible to it and for lack of a better term, taunting the avalanche."
The ride happened in a spot known as Nazare, which is the same area where McNamara snared a world-record 78-foot wave in 2011.
The 16,000 foot Nazare canyon lies underneath the spot's surface. Experts say Nazare's topography has a lot to do with its ability to generate those kind of giants.
"The canyon is just the right depth and length to converge the wave in such a way where the swell is probably, I would say, either tripled or quadrupled," said Dr. Richard Grigg, an oceanographer with the University of Hawaii."I would think that you might even get a bigger wave than 100 feet. It's possible, you could get a 110 or 120 foot wave that is actually rideable."
Despite catching what could be back-to-back world records, the 45-year-old says he has a much more important goal.
"When I look back on what I've done, I really want to make a difference," McNamara said.  "If I can inspire people to do what they love to do and just share what I love with the world and give back somehow or another and inspire people somehow or another, that is my passion."
In the meantime, he plans to keep searching for that next perfect ride.
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