Released 911 tapes capture frantic moments after Munet escape

911 Tapes Capture Frantic Escape and Manhunt for Murder Suspect Teddy Munet
Murder suspect Teddy Munet
Murder suspect Teddy Munet

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - We're getting a "play by play" of the embarrassing escape of a murder suspect on the way to Circuit Court last month.

Hawaii News Now has obtained 911 tapes that reveal the moment police realized a dangerous inmate had slipped away.

Here's the transcript of the first 911 call:

Dispatcher: Hello Police.

Caller: Hi, I was just attempted a carjacking on Halekauwila Street... Somebody just came up, opened my door and tried to pull me out.

This 911 call from a driver behind Circuit Court was the first tip to police about murder suspect Teddy Munet's mad dash for freedom.

Caller: I like honked my horn and he ran off toward Punchbowl Street.

The would-be carjacking victim's sweater was torn in the scuffle, before Munet bolted, with Corrections Officers in hot pursuit down Punchbowl.

During the 911 call, the woman questions the authorities.

Caller: Excuse me sir, where are you guys from? Where are you from? I'm on the line with HPD right now. OCCC? Oh, he's a.

Dispatcher: is that an escapee? Try ask him?

Caller: I think so. Excuse me, is that an escapee? He tried to jack me. He went that way. He's wearing all black and tennis shoes. Yeah.

Dispatcher: It's an escapee?

Caller: Yeah.

Dispatcher: It's an escapee.

Caller: Yeah.

On February 20th, Munet slipped away from 8 officers during transport to court, in an embarrassing escape. Several mistakes were to blame. He was wearing civilian clothes, no ankle shackles, and was let out outside of the gated Court garage. His escape set off a lockdown at nearly 30 schools and a frantic search, with his face, and description, splashed across the news.

A second caller spotted Munet about one mile away near Kawaiahao Church, where he claims he hid out.

Caller: Just seen that guy on the news about the escapee from the Circuit Court today. He's on Kawaiahao Street. He's walking.

Dispatcher: What makes you think it's him?

Caller: He came up and asked us to use our phone and we kind of thought it was him for a moment and we looked up his picture again on the internet and that is him.

Distinctive neck tattoos were the giveaway that helped police finally get their man, 11 hours later. HPD racked up nearly 20-thousand in overtime for the manhunt. 29 year old Teddy Munet is awaiting trial on second degree murder charges. Now, he's also charged with 'escape' and 'attempted carjacking.'

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