Local Connection: Genshiro Kawamoto

Local Connection: Genshiro Kawamoto

By: Rick Blangiardi

It's easy to dismiss what's happening in Kahala between Japanese billionaire Genshiro Kawamoto and homeowners as a spat between the wealthy and superwealthy and move on.

But this is a more serious issue of property rights and what happens when someone almost intentionally seeks to destroy a beautiful neighborhood, whether it's Kahala, Kaneohe or Kalihi.

It's almost inconceivable that the city could allow one man to take so many of his 27 homes and turn them into eyesores.

Kawamoto thinks his statute garden is beautiful and his homes will all be transformed and improved but for years we have seen no evidence of anything other than blight.

Full disclosure....I live and own property in Kahala but no area of our state should be subject to the whims of one man to whom $40,000 in city fines is a little more than pocket change.

Enough is enough, whatever laws are necessary, city or state, to get a landowner to clean up his mess should be supported and it's a shame that lawmakers don't take this situation more seriously....

If this situation were to occur anywhere else in this country, it would have been rectified and Kawamoto made to repair all the damage he has caused.

Just because he has a billion dollars doesn't mean he can do whatever he wants.  

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