Local Connection: Pro Bowl

Local Connection: Pro Bowl

By: Rick Blangiardi

We all know that the Pro Bowl has become a non-contact sport and the fans feel cheated when they shell out big bucks for big-name players engaging in the equivalent of flag football.

Sure the players should put on more of a show. After all, we're talking about entertainment here. However, what player in his right mind is going to risk injury in an exhibition game?

But the NFL is threatening to scuttle the whole game because of gentle play and that's threatens Hawaii's economy and nearly $30 million in visitor spending, not to mention the 12.5 million television viewers who would rather be here in February than where they live.

We would hate to lose the pro bowl but it has become a tedious and drawn-out affair, with absolutely nothing at stake, unlike major league baseball's all-star game, with the winning league getting home field advantage during the World Series.

Thankfully, the players are getting the message that the current state of the game is unacceptable. If they are to get future trips to Hawaii, they will either have to step up the quality of the game or pay for the Hawaii vacations themselves when the game goes away.

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