Nanakuli brush fires intentionally set

Nanakuli brush fires intentionally set

Police have no leads in their arson investigation after seven suspicious wildfires in less than two hours in Nanakuli. The first call came in at 3:15 a.m. and the last one was received at 5 a.m. on Wednesday.

The largest blaze, which scorched about a quarter of an acre, came as close as 20 yards to a townhouse complex on Helelua Street. Residents were unsettled by the news that the fire was one of several small blazes that appeared to be intentionally set.

"It's kind of scary," said resident Karolann Nera. "Especially close to home, and just hopefully it's not one of these people that are doing it deliberately just for the fun of it."

"No property was damaged, but to the people living there, it's a major concern and us as well cause we don't want to have anybody hurt or their property destroyed," said Capt. Terry Seelig of the Honolulu Fire Department.

Another wildfire happened around the same time near Mokiawe and Palikea Streets. Fire crews also put out five other blazes along Lualualei Naval Road.

"While we didn't find specific ignition sources on these fires, their proximity, their frequency, and their pattern leads us to believe that this is definitely someone that has set these fires," explained Seelig.

Access to water was not an issue, and the weather conditions worked in HFD's favor.

"The weather was extremely favorable from a firefighting point of view. The wind was not very strong, which it has been in the past. We were under a high wind advisories just as recent as last week."

With the dry summer months ahead, authorities are asking for help to stop these types of fires from starting.

"Please work with us and or the police in trying to give us information so that we can look for the people who are intentionally starting these fires," said Seelig.

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