Family desperate to find missing dog

Family desperate to find missing dog

MILILANI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Raquel Herbias took her therapy dog everywhere -- to the beach, to school, to the mall.

"It takes my mind off everything that's going on. And it helps me cope with all the stress and anxiety that I have," she said.

She named him Baby Prancer. She called him Baby for short. He never left her side, doctor's orders.

"My daughter has PTSD. She goes through anxiety attacks. She's been through a lot of depression over the years," Rochelle Aki-Galvez said.

The Mililani family said Raquel, 19, was doing well until the day after Christmas, when her dog disappeared.

"He's my therapy dog," she said. "He helps me cope with my situation every single day."

The animal was in their fenced in backyard. They barricaded openings so it couldn't get out. Baby was alone for just a few minutes. The family thinks someone stole him.

"Some of our neighbors have said they saw the dog outside. A man was luring it to a van," Aki-Galvez said. "We didn't see him personally, but we believe this is what happened."

They called the police, put up over 2,000 "Missing Therapy Dog" posters in Central Oahu, and handed out fliers during the Great Aloha Run. They are trying everything.

"I just hope that somebody who knows where he is, or the people who have him can just bring him home," Raquel said.

Baby Prancer is white with black spots. He has a heart shaped mark near his bottom. His tail has a kink where it was broken about three inches from the end.

"We're willing to reward anyone who can come forth with information for his safe return," Aki-Galvez said.

After her dog went missing, Raquel had a breakdown.

"I just broke down in tears. I couldn't even talk. I was just like, 'Why? Why me? Why did this happen to me? Haven't I been through enough?'" she said.

So far, they have gotten crank calls but no solid leads.

If you have information that can help them find their therapy dog, call 551-4453.

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