Swapping surf boards for snow boards on the Big Island

Swapping surf boards for snow boards on the Big Island

(HAWAII NEWS NOW) Mauna Kea, Big Island - People traded in their surf boards for snow boards. The Winter Weather Advisory has been extended until Monday at noon, so there's still time to get up the mountain and savor the snow.

This weekend people drove up to Mauna Kea not to see the stars, but to play in the snow!

Ben Boomer shared his day trip on YouTube. You can see his excitement as he drove his jeep on the dormant volcano, what is also known as "the white mountain."

"Whoo hoo, snow!" exclaimed Ben Boomer.

And today, Mauna Kea lived up to its name. The summit access road was closed to the public at the visitor information station yesterday, but today it opened its gates but with a warning.

"If you are gonna visit. Be aware of hazards, there are weather and driving conditions and health issues due to high altitude," (voice of ranger).

Families ventured off in the white stuff, and this picture shows the traffic crawling up the highest point in the Pacific Basin with the top of Mauna Kea Summit rising 13,796 feet above sea level.

For some families it was a first to see and touch snow, the O'hand ohana had to bundle up in the below freezing temperatures while building their very first snowman.

And for those who are more experienced, it was all about catching some air. Jock Goodman captured some boarders and even a biker who took to the slope.

Tonight, snow and freezing rain will be falling over the summits along with temps dipping below freezing. That means a picturesque winter wonderland will last for a couple more days.

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