Woman recalls encounter with escapee

Woman recalls encounter with escapee

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Her alarming close encounter with murder suspect Teddy Munet happened in the driveway of a building behind Circuit Court seconds after he fled from corrections officers, handcuffed to a waist chain.

"My door opened, and there was this kind of confusion. Then someone started pulling on my sweater. And I looked and he was saying, "Get out of the car!" she said.

She fears retaliation so we'll call her Ann. She said Munet showed up at her driver's door out of nowhere.

"He was right there," she said.

She said Munet yanked open the door of her van and tried to drag her out of the driver's seat. He pulled so hard he tore a hole in the sleeve of her brand new cardigan sweater. Then he took off like a shot toward Punchbowl Street.

"I just kind of panicked and pushed on my steering wheel to blast the horn and get attention. I guess it ended up scaring him off and he ran," she said. "I ended up grabbing my cell phone and calling the police myself."

Ann said she had no time to be afraid, but she was shaking after the quick confrontation.

"I didn't know he was fleeing at the time. I thought that he was just in a rush to steal my car, or take my bag. I'm glad he wasn't able to get my car because I know traffic was heavy. He would have either run over, maybe people, or run into vehicles," she said.

Ann said there were a lot of onlookers as stunned as she was, and it could have been a lot worse.

"There's that school right there. It could have been a hostage situation," she said. "He could have jumped in on the other side and told me to go. Or he could have pulled me out and run me over with my own car. You don't know what could have happened."

She said she's usually extra careful to lock her car doors. This was one time she didn't.

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