Escaped Prisoner: Murder victim's family fears escapee

Escaped Prisoner: Murder victim's family fears escapee
William Fallau
William Fallau

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - One of the reasons escapee Teddy Munet is considered so dangerous is the murder he's accused of.  The victim was a friend, who allowed the down-and-out drug addict to live on his property.  Now that man's family is living in fear.

**UPDATE at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday: Escaped murder suspect Teddy Munet was captured and arrested without incident in downtown Honolulu at approximately 7:20 p.m. Click here for more details on his capture.

We went back to visit the Fallau family home where both the murder victim and suspect were living at the time of the crime. The house is for sale now because the family says the memories there are just too painful to keep.

"Our heart is not in it anymore. We don't see the point in keeping the house when I can't stay there. I get nightmares. At night I wake up because I swear I can hear people in our backyard. I can hear Teddy's voice in my head and I can't stay there I don't feel safe there," said Melissa Fallau, murder victim's sister.

Honolulu Police believe Teddy Munet shot Billy Fallau in the back of the neck July 19, 2012 when they were at the Kawainui Marsh.  Melissa Fallau says not only did Munet pull the trigger but for five days after the murder while police searched for clues Munet continued to stay at their home acting like he didn't know anything.

"For those five days he was still living with us. He'd eat dinner with us. He'd play with my niece in the garage. Talk to us. He even cried to me about it saying how much he missed my brother," said Fallau.

She says Teddy abused and sold drugs.  He had just gotten out of jail for stealing cars when her brother Billy took him in letting him stay in the shed in the carport of the house.  Now that he's escaped Fallau is not sure what he is thinking.

"My brother was the only person there willing to help him and he murdered him so why would anyone else even bother," said Melissa Fallau.  "I'm worried for people's safety. I obviously know he is capable of murder. Lord knows what's going through his head. I'm scared."

She says things will never be the same.  Her niece, who is now five, will never see her dad again as she looked at the last photo her brother and his daughter took together.

"Nothing will ever be normal again. We're never going to get my brother back. We're never going to get my family back. There is a big hole in our hearts where my brother is supposed to be. Nothing is ever going to fill that," said Melissa Fallau.

And the fear caused from the escape isn't helping.  They did not go to work today for fear Munet would show up.  They have not been offered police protection but say they don't believe Munet knows where they are staying.

Munet's trial was supposed to begin in December but it had been postponed. It's scheduled to start on April 1, which also happens to be Billy Fallau's birthday when he would have turned 30 years old.

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