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Fierce winds damage cars and home on Oahu

Bryson Koko'o Bryson Koko'o
Orson Moon Orson Moon
Gary Yamamoto Gary Yamamoto
Al Boro, Jr. Al Boro, Jr.

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The fierce winds caused all kinds of problems on Oahu on Monday, from toppled trees to downed utility poles. A wooden pole came crashing down along Kalihi Street, hitting at least two parked cars. The damage left 700 customers in the dark.

"All I seen was that pole fall and these transformers explode and all over there started exploding," said Kalihi resident Bryson Koko'o. "Dangerous. Lucky nobody got hurt."

Over in Aiea, city crews chopped up a huge tree and quickly turned it into mulch. Residents saw it topple over in high winds, shattering the rear windshield of a neighbor's car.

"He left a few minutes before the tree came crashing down where he was parked, but his other car got smashed," said neighbor Orson Moon.

Moon said neighbors have worried about that tree for years and have complained to the city in the past.

"It was like 40 feet in the air and it was wrapped around that light pole, and we told the city and county we have a problem, but they said they can't do anything until something happens or they see it's in danger of falling," Moon said.

Also in Aiea, fire crews helped out a homeowner after gusty winds tore part of the roof right off.

"Today was really bad. It started really blowing," said neighbor Gary Yamamoto.

"We put on some felt paper that keeps water from getting in there, keep the house temporarily stable so that later on they can make more permanent repairs," explained Acting Battalion Chief Howard Naone of the Honolulu Fire Department.

Over by Pearlridge Community Park, a Pearl City man had a close call. A wooden light pole fell right in front his car as he was heading home.

"All I saw was this big pole right in front of my windshield. No time to react. Just 'boom,' right over the whole pole," said Al Boro Jr. "That's all I could do, was hang on and went up in the air right over the pole."

The sudden impact ruined the bottom of his car, but he was grateful that he walked away uninjured.

"I was all shocked. 'Boom!' That's about it. Just thank God it didn't go on my roof," Boro said.


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