Severe Weather: Wind Advisory Extended for Hawaii

Hold onto your hats! It's a gusty President's Day! Tonight at 5 & 5:30...

Team coverage on the windy weather. Guy Hagi has the latest advisories in effect and Mileka Lincoln gives us a look at the problems caused by the blustery winds.

Go to for the latest on the windy weather.

A Mililani family got a rude awakening when an SUV slammed into their home this morning. A brother and sister were thrown more than 10-feet when the crash happened. See the damage.

Congratulations to the thousands of runners who finished the Great Aloha Run! Ramsay Wharton was there and brings us the highlights, funny costumes and the politician who ran with the troops across the finish line.

And... She did what? Many are in disbelief over a Hawaii woman's incredible ride on a great white shark! Keoki Kerr shows us the video of her unforgettable swim with one of the ocean's most-feared predators.

Shawn and I hope to see you tonight!