Trail of trash from Waikiki garbage trucks

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Some garbage trucks from various private companies have been leaving a trail of trash behind them in Waikiki. The littering problem has been going on for years, according to frustrated families. One resident finally videotaped the violation at building across from Jefferson Elementary.

Chad Middlesworth moved to Waikiki six years. When he looks outside each day, he sees trash blowing away as the dumpsters in his neighborhood are emptied.

"It's not in one area, or one company. It happens all around Waikiki and it seems to be a problem with the system," said Middlesworth.

Middlesworth said he has complained to police, the city, and even workers from a different trash company that used to handle the pickups.

"On multiple occasions I've asked them that and it's always, they just laugh, they don't bag it up, or it's not their problem, and they just drive away while the rubbish blows everywhere," Middlesworth said.

He finally asked the Waikiki Neighborhood Board for help. Chair Bob Finley is well aware of the problem.

"We have the Waikiki Business Improvement District that cleans Kalakaua and Kuhio," said Finley. "But on these side streets it's pretty much up to the people who own properties here."

Hawaii News Now contacted Honolulu Disposal Service since their trucks were in the home video. The company said its drivers should be picking up trash that blows away.

"They are to collect as much as they possibly can. They're to get out and clean. That is a directive, but what we are going do is change the method on how they dump the cans in that area. They'll leave the lids on when they dump and that will also help," said Greg Apa of Honolulu Disposal Service.

The business also contacted the building's property manager.

"We want to help them manage their solid waste collection efficiently and safely for the environment. We met with them and they're going to talk to their side of the building," Apa said.

The city ordinance prohibits littering. Officials encourage any witnesses to call police, but Middlesworth doesn't believe that will solve the mess.

"It's not pinpointed on any one person. It's just in general, it's everybody maybe should just bag their rubbish before they throw it in the trash chute," said Middlesworth.

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