UH men's name change official, Ben Jay says no more 'Bows

UH men's name change official, Ben Jay says no more bows

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The University of Hawaii athletics director is making a major change.

Ben Jay says the new nickname for all university of Hawaii men's sports will be "Warriors" and the women will continue to be referred to as the "Rainbow Wahine."

The change will become official on July 1.

Jay who has been on the job since January says the University needs to have consistency in team names for branding purposes.

"The words – warriors, wahine, and rainbow – represent who we are as a university and athletics department," Athletics Director Ben Jay said. "By utilizing these two nicknames, we keep with our tradition and are able to have a consistent branding and marketing message."

Currently, UH's men's sports are either referred to as "Warriors" (football, golf, tennis and volleyball), "Rainbows" (baseball) or "Rainbow Warriors" (basketball and swimming & diving).

Since 1972, all of the university's women's sports have used the nickname "Rainbow Wahine."

"I've received feedback from many individuals and groups – coaches, student-athletes, boosters, corporate partners, alumni, businessmen and women – and the common message was consistency and to find an identity," Jay said. "Our women's sports have been branded with the 'Rainbow Wahine' nickname for 40 years and there's no confusion there. However, on the men's side, that's not the case."

In 1974 the UH football team adopted the nickname "Rainbow Warriors," however, the university's use of the name went back a number of years prior to that. In 2000, the football team dropped "Rainbow" from its nickname as did several other men's programs.

The baseball and coed sailing teams are the only teams to currently use "Rainbows" as their primary nickname. Moving forward, both teams will be called the "Warriors."

The athletics department will continue to use the official "H" logo and "Hawai`i" kapa font.

Current nicknames:

Men's Nicknames:

  • Baseball - Rainbows
  • Basketball - Rainbow Warriors
  • Football - Warriors
  • Golf - Warriors
  • Sailing - Rainbows
  • Swimming & Diving - Rainbow Warriors
  • Tennis - Warriors
  • Volleyball - Warriors

Women's Nicknames:

  • Basketball - Rainbow Wahine
  • Cross Country - Rainbow Wahine
  • Golf - Rainbow Wahine
  • Sailing - Rainbow Wahine
  • Sand Volleyball - Rainbow Wahine
  • Soccer - Rainbow Wahine
  • Softball - Rainbow Wahine
  • Sailing - Rainbow Wahine
  • Swimming & Diving - Rainbow Wahine
  • Tennis - Rainbow Wahine
  • Track & Field - Rainbow Wahine
  • Volleyball - Rainbow Wahine
  • Water Polo - Rainbow Wahine

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