Swamp Romp returns to KBay Feb. 16th

Swamp Romp returns to KBay Feb. 16th

(HAWAII NEWS NOW) It's the dirtiest race of the year.  The obstacle: crawling belly-low on soft sand, running on dirt paths, wading through knee-deep water, and a whole lot of mud.

It's the 19th Annual Marine Corps Base Hawaii: Kaneohe Bay Swamp Romp, and this year race organizers say it will be the dirtiest yet.

"The fact that it has been raining, so much more, and it is so much more wet we incorporated many more obstacles," said Greg Isaacson, CWO-3 Marine Corps.

And it's not too late to run this messy, swampy five mile course.

"It is just a lot of fun, the Marines have done a great job," said Megan Early, Athletic Director, Semper Fit Division. "A lot of work has gone into the course, and we still have registration until next Wednesday, February 13th, so people should register as soon as they can."

They say a little dirt don't hurt, and this is what it's all about.  That is, having fun and moving through the elements side by side your family, friends and associates.

"I think it shows some of the great things about the Marine Corps," said isaacson. "About working hard, working along with a team, being competitive, having fun, getting dirty and just enjoying a little bit of misery that is involved."

But he says to make sure to wear something that you don't mind getting dirty.

"They will be throwing away their clothes at the end of race, because it gets extremely dirty," said Isaacson.

He says perhaps a little duct tape will help, too.

"The nature of the course is so deep and muddy and nasty," said Isaacson. "It has a tendency to suck your shoes right off your feet, so tie your laces tight and get duct tape or high boots."

I previewed the course myself and dove right in the thick of it all.  After being covered in mud, I think it's fair to say that it is ready to go!

A slide will be part of the last home stretch of the race.

"It will twice as tall as we had last year, twice as steep, and twice the amount of drop off than the one we had last year," said Isaacson.

And so I had to give it a shot... It was a big splash on the way down!  That is the Swamp Romp, for you!

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If you would like to participate in the dirtiest race of the year... There is still time.  Check out this link to sign up, but make sure to do so before February 13. Http://mccshawaii.com/swampromp/

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