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Northeast blizzard has ripple effect in Hawaii

A snowstorm pummels the Northeast A snowstorm pummels the Northeast
John Kraw John Kraw
Chris Burke Chris Burke
Levi Oliveira Levi Oliveira
HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

The Northeast is under siege - as a potentially record-breaking snowstorm bears down. It could dump up to three feet of snow in the hardest hit areas, and it's having a ripple effect across the country and even here in Hawaii.

If you had any plans to fly to the east coast this weekend, you're going to need gloves, scarves, and a lot of patience. We do know of at least three flights to and from New York and New Jersey airports that have already affected by the blizzard.

After 17 days in Hawaii, Boston-area resident John Kraw and his wife are tan and relaxed - for now. But they know what's ahead.

"Grab a shovel and dig out!" says Kraw. "The absolute extreme from Honolulu sunshine, 81 degrees, to snow up to your throat!"

They'll get out of Honolulu on-time, but they expect delays, maybe even a cancellation, on their connecting flight.

New Yorker Chris Burke says he's been trying to find a way home since 7:00 o'clock this morning. Even if he gets to JFK airport, he's still got to make it upstate.

"With these weather conditions, there's probably no chance of getting a car and getting out there," says Burke. "And then, you're left with trying to get a hotel room, if you can. If the subways and the trains aren't running on time, you're basically stuck at the airport. And that's where we are right now."

One United Airlines flight from Honolulu was delayed to Newark tonight, and Hawaiian Airlines flight #50 took off three hours late to JFK. Hawaiian's returning flight #51 - from New York to Honolulu - is scheduled to leave three hours late tomorrow.

Millions of Americans are in the blizzard zone. Hundreds of thousands were without power tonight - even before the eye of the snowstorm hit. Boston is ground zero.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick said, "The recovery will be slow. People should prepare for that."

New York city may not get the worst of the storm, but Mayor Michael Bloomberg is telling residents to sit tight."Stay home. Read a good book. Watch a movie. Take it easy."

That's exactly what Nanakuli native Levi Oliveira, plans to do. He just moved from Hawaii to New York three weeks ago. "Today, I wore five layers of clothing," Oliveira said. "I love snow. It's pretty weird because everyone's like, I hate the snow. But I actually love it. It's like a dream come true."

There's that aloha spirit - even knee deep in snow.


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