Big Island Police: Beware of phony door-to-door sales

Big Island Police are reporting community members in North Kona expressing concerns regarding "door to door" salespersons.

A complaint was received in the Kona Highlands as well as the Kona Palisades area of an unidentified male walking door-to-door soliciting his services on Feb. 7 and unable to provide proper identification for his alleged business.

The Hawaii Police Department is reminding the public that when approached at your residence by "door to door" salespersons, use the utmost caution, and ensure that the salesperson provides the proper personal identification, company identification, as well as a website or phone number where they can be verified as a representative of that company.

The public is also reminded that they have the right to refuse service and request that the person(s) leave their property. If you feel you are being harassed, call the Hawaii Police Department non-emergency number at 935-3311 or if it is an emergency, dial 911.

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