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Proposal would make names of potential gun owners public info


As lawmakers work on coming up with a new set of laws aimed at curbing gun violence, they continue to listen to testimony on the controversial topic, and while one proposal for vetting potential gun owners is sure to get people talking, some might say it's an invasion of privacy.

Currently it's just a proposal, but the Police Chiefs Association is now suggesting the names of applicants be listed online for the public to see.

The Police Chiefs Association said the reasoning behind the proposal is simple.

"If anyone believes this person is a danger, or you have any bona fide information as to why this person isn't suitable for a permit, please contact the issuing authority," said one police officer at a hearing Monday.

This isn't the first time in the gun debate there has been talk about making this type of information available to the public.

Following the mass shooting as Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown last December, a state representative from West Haven started pushing a bill that would make all gun permit holders' names public record.

Currently, here in Connecticut, gun permit applications are kept confidential. On top of the applicant registry offered up by the police chiefs, they're also suggesting magazine capacity should be capped at 10.

For gun manufacturers, magazine size is a hot issue, and they aren't backing down, even telling lawmakers some companies may move out.

Instead they're pushing for more thorough background checks, saying there are huge holes in the current system that don't account for the mental health history of those buying and selling firearms.

"That would require a change in the Brady Act to allow retailers and licensees and manufacturers support it, to have access to the background check system to screen for prospective employees," said one police officer at a hearing on Monday.

Lawmakers said this type of testimony is helpful.

They'll spent the month reviewing the testimony and current laws with the hopes of having a new bill to vote on by the end of the month.

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