For some businesses, Super Bowl is a big sales day

For some businesses, Super Bowl is a big sales day

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Players on the field aren't the only ones who made a mad dash on Super Bowl Sunday. Bars, restaurants and grocery stores kicked into high gear to serve thousands of fans.

Alicia's Market has been in its current location in Kalihi Kai since 1963, and is usually closed on Sundays. Opening for Super Bowl Sunday is a relatively recent development.

"Actually, it all started when customers demanded that we open," said manager Leonard Kam. "So it's been almost 15 years now we've been open."

The crew has been getting everything ready since 3 a.m. for the football fans who started lining up before the doors opened at 7 a.m.

"It's crazy," said Kam. "It's like New Year's all over again."

For those not into poke, there's always pizza.

"Historically in the pizza industry, it's known as a busy day," said Shawn Rubert, owner of Kaimuki's Boston Pizza, who said Super Bowl Sunday is his busiest day, followed by Halloween. "Actually, championship Sunday, where they have the AFC and NFC games in the same day, that's also a busy day for us, too,"

Sunday was a typical Super Bowl for Rubert and his crew. While there weren't that many people sitting and eating in the restaurant, lots of pizzas were heading out the door.

"Seventy-five percent of our business is take-out," said Rubert. "People coming in, grabbing whole pies."

There were a few pre-ordered pizzas that were ready to be picked up, with more pizza dough being tossed into the air, put into pans, loaded with cheese and toppings and put into the oven.

It's like Black Friday for a pizza maker. "We'll probably do two days worth of sales in about four hours," said Rubert.

The sales, while brisk, don't last that long.

"Only good thing is, it's a half day," said Kam at Alicia's which was open only until noon. "When kickoff (comes), it's all quiet after that."

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