Writer says book got him in trouble

Writer says book got him in trouble

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Amateur author Nate Pulkrabek's longest work was a short story.

"I did the book as a challenge to myself, to see if I could complete a written work," he said.

In 2007 he self-published a murder/mystery.

"It's about a guy growing up in Hawaii, and he ends up struggling through the use of drugs," he said.

The book has violence and some sex in it.

"I wouldn't call it pornographic at all. Nobody can even give a determination as to its content," he said.

Pulkrabek was the manager for Care Hawaii Inc. He worked at its emergency shelter. He gave a copy of the book to a developmentally disabled client. He said she asked to read it.

"Her mother had been giving her material that was of a mature nature too. So I assumed that it was okay given those outlines," he said.

On September 4, he was fired. Three days later he was arrested.

"The police came banging on the door and told me I was under arrest, and handcuffed me in front of my wife," he said.

Pulkrabek was charged with endangering the welfare of an incompetent person.

"I didn't understand why I was in trouble, if she could be accessing a plethora of information on the Internet. She's an adult. So she could access any site she wanted," he said.

After several court appearances charges were dropped.

"Which was a total relief," he said. "That's the best thing that's happened so far throughout this total experience."

He said he hasn't been able to collect unemployment. He borrows money to pay bills. It's been rough on his wife. And now he's dealing with Adult Protective Services

"They claimed I committed psychological and sexual abuse. I can't believe it. I can't believe those charges can be associated with reading material," he said.

Our calls to Care Hawaii were not returned. The Department of Human Services said it "can neither confirm nor the deny the investigation of this case due to confidentiality."

Pulkrabek has sent letters to the ACLU and attorneys asking for help.

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