BBB to publish details of complaints

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hawaii's Better Business Bureau announced Thursday that it will be publishing detailed content of consumer complaints and business responses in its BBB business reviews.

BBB made this change in response to feedback from consumers. Research showed consumers were looking for more detailed information on the types of complaints companies receive and how those complaints were ultimately resolved. This change also gives companies more of a voice in the complaint resolution process, allowing consumers to directly observe how they take care of their customer concerns.

"BBB complaint process connects consumers with the right people in the involved businesses to start a meaningful conversation to resolve issues. Now that the conversation is visible to the public, businesses can demonstrate how they address customer complaints fairly, which helps consumers decide if those businesses are trustworthy," said Lisa Nakao, Director of Operations for Hawaii's Better Business Bureau.

Hawaii's BBB will begin publishing complaint detail in February 2013.

"We will display detail of complaints filed digitally since November 2012, and going forward expect to publish detail for about 1,800 complaints per year," said Nakao.

Previously, complaints were classified into categories with the type of each complaint being reported, along with basic information on how that complaint was closed. Complaint detail gives viewers a chance to judge the merit of the complaint for themselves, and importantly, to see exactly how the company responded to and handled the complaint. Personally identifiable information will be redacted to protect the privacy rights of people involved in each complaint.

BBB reports on and will publish complaints for three years from the date they are closed.

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