Roads in Waipahu reopened after critical pedestrian accident on Paiwa St.

Roads in Waipahu reopened after critical pedestrian accident on Paiwa St.

The family of 49-year-old Cecilia Ramirez broke down in tears when they learned their loved one was the victim of a hit and run around 6 o'clock this morning near a bus stop at Paiwa and Puloku Streets in Waipahu.

Several witnesses told police the driver of a red, medium sized pickup truck fled the scene.

"The red pickup truck did stop briefly then took off," said Honolulu Police Department Traffic Division Lt. Bobby Town.

Traffic investigators say Ramirez - a wife and mother of three children ages 22, 20 and 13 - was hit by the truck while crossing Paiwa Street to catch TheBus for work.

"She was not in a cross walk," said Town. "It was dark and Ramirez was wearing dark clothes."

Police believe speed may have been a factor in the crash. The driver's impact was so hard that Ramirez's shoes were found lying near the bus stop while her body landed several feet away. She was rushed to the Queen's Medical Center in extremely critical condition.

"She went to the bus stop early this morning about 5 till 6 to catch the bus going to the bus station in Waipahu and was supposed to get another bus going to Dillingham," said Quengua who was in disbelief over the incident.

Cecilia was headed to work at the Honolulu Cookie Company, a job she'd just started in November according to Quengua after moving with her family to Hawaii from the Philippines in May of 2012.

Quengua said Celicia was looking to earn a better life here.

"Shes a hard working lady," she lamented.

Just last night, Ramirez and her husband Froilan and the family were celebrating their daughter Elaine's 13th birthday.

Today, her children are praying that their mom will be around for another.Cecilia lives just three homes away from the intersection where she was hit. But it took her family members several hours after the crime, before they realized that she might be the victim in this case.

"I didn't really think until..because I thought it's an old woman," said Quengua. "So my brother said, what age is she?  And we were surprised, to hear the age, that she was 49 at this time."

The family is in shock while police are asking for more witnesses to come forward and for help in finding the suspect vehicle.

"It would be fresh damage to the front end," said Town. "Possibly, to the passenger's side. And all we have so far is a compact red pickup truck.

And the family is urging the driver to come forward.

"Please help us. Please contact us or report to the police whoever did the driver," said Quengua.

Honolulu Police have opened a negligent homicide and failure to render aid cases.

Anyone with information is asked to call HPD's Traffic Division at (808) 723-3413.

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