Local Connection: Tesoro Closes

Local Connection: Tesoro Closes

By: Rick Blangiardi

For a state that is so sensitive to fluctuations in oil prices, the news that Tesoro corp. Has decided to end its refinery efforts in Hawaii and laying off up to 200 workers is sobering news.

Tesoro will continue to store imported oil but aside from the regrettable job losses, leaving the state with just one gas-making plant leaves us to wonder about the future.

Some experts say not to worry. Imported oil and oil that is produced by chevron's local facility cost about the same. If chevron's prices were to rise, gas stations would switch to imported oil. One expert says supply is not a problem and that since so much refined oil exists, there is no cause for alarm.

But others say if something does happen in an unpredictable world, such as a war in Asia or some other global crisis, we could feel the volatility quickly,

This latest news once again has renewed discussions about our state being overly reliant on oil to serve our energy need. That's a good thing.

We agree with Gov. Neil Abercrombie's emphasis on meeting our Hawaii clean energy initiatives and converting 40 percent of our energy needs from renewable resources within 20 years.

Let's let the Tesoro news be a further catalyst for us to look for alternatives before the next disaster hits.

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