Local Connection: Early Learning

Local Connection: Early Learning

As a parent and former elementary teacher, I have witnessed the wonders of learning.

When teaching Kindergarten, I watched children's eyes light up as they recognized letters and words … when they created art with their little fingers.

But I've also seen the other side ... children unprepared to learn AND STRUGGLING.

Unfortunately, many times these children carry this baggage with them for the rest of their lives. Research shows that children who start this way are on an uphill battle TO CATCH UP.  How can we help all our children get on the path toward success?  We believe it starts at home and with preschool.

Why early learning? Well, we know that 85 percent of the brain is developed before age 5 ... making this the optimum time for learning. If we miss the boat, some children WILL NEVER catch up. As the Legislature convenes this week, we urge lawmakers to fund preschool for ALL four-year-olds. Hawai'i is one of 11 states with no state-funded early learning system. Join us to change our children's future … Go to Be My Voice Hawaii.org.


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