State unveils mapbook to track motor vehicle crashes

State unveils mapbook to track motor vehicle crashes

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow)- According to the state Department of Health, in a five-year span, there have been nearly 15,000 crashes on Oahu's roads.

Now there's a way to see where almost all of those incidents happened. The state department of health released a comprehensive log of motor vehicle crashes.

The maps chart every incident involving automobiles, pedestrians, or motorcycles/mopeds/bicycles since 2007.

"It's meant to just be a reference for a group or a individual who is interested in what is going on in my general area and within that sort of larger geographic area," said Dan Galanis, an epidemiologist with the state's Injury Prevention Program.

The Department of Health is able to keep track of the crashes through data from Emergency Medical Services. Officials plan to put the maps to good use.

"When community members are equipped with a visualizsed map or a visualization of the magnitude of problems in their community, they become personally connected to it and they can also talk to their community leaders and say this is really what is going on here," state traffic safety coordinator Kari Benes said.

Among the areas with a high number of incidents, the intersection of Queen Emma street and Vineyard boulevard had seven pedestrian accidents since 2007.

Joe Mastrantonio crosses the street several times a week and hopes the collected data prompts an adjustment.

"It has clear signals and it seems to allow enough time to crss, but I think it's the people turning right on the red light that make it difficult, since you can do it from two lanes," Mastrantonio said.

The state plans to update the mapbooks annually and possibly map incidents on the neighbor islands.

Click here for a link to the mapbooks and see the number of incidents in your area.

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