Hawaii Foodbank kicks off annual food drive

Hawaii Foodbank kicks off annual food drive

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - 24 years ago, the first Hawaii Foodbank food drive kicked off in the Aloha State, and Hawaii News Now (KGMB) was one of the sponsors from the very start.

Now, 2013 is here, and we're ready for another year to be a part of Hawaii Food Bank's Annual Drive, starting today until April 20th, you can help, too.

The 24th Annual Food Drive began this morning at the Hilton Hawaiian Village to fire up state and city officials along with small and big businesses that want to raise awareness and funds to fight hunger this new year.

"Getting excited about going out and helping organize food drives," said Sheri Rolf, Chair of Hawaii Food Drive. "This year we are really striving to reach as many pounds of food as much dollars as we can because the need is so enormous."

In fact, one of seven people in Hawaii have the need of assistance from a food bank.  Hawaii Food Bank's goal for 2013 is to make sure we are over and beyond every need that must be met.

"Our goal is one million meals, and we are hoping to meet that and go way over," said Rolf.

And companies that support the cause can come together by organizing drives to fight hunger. Rolf says each dollar donated goes a long way. For every $10, 25 meals can be distributed.

"Food is a basic need, and so is the need help people," said Rolf.  "We just ask people to do what they can."

To learn how you and your co-workers can come together to feed Hawaii's hungry... click HERE.

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