EXCLUSIVE: Police release 911, radio tapes in Hilo shooting that wounded two officers

EXCLUSIVE: Police release 911, radio tapes in Hilo shooting that wounded two officers
Wailoa Pond
Wailoa Pond
The old Green Onion restaurant
The old Green Onion restaurant
Keaka Martin
Keaka Martin

HILO, BIG ISLAND (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hawaii News Now has obtained recordings of the calls made to 911 and police radio transmissions on January 2, when two police officers were wounded in a shooting in Hilo.

Keaka Martin, 31, is being held without bail in connection with the shootings. Garrett Hatada, a 14-year veteran of the Hawaii County Police Department, suffered bullet wounds to his heel and shin. Officer Joshua Gouveia was shot in the mid-section.

People started calling 911 at about 7:45 p.m. that night to report hearing gunshots near Wailoa Pond.

CALLER: I hear, like, gunshots being heard near Wailoa Pond.

DISPATCHER: Okay, how many gunshots?

CALLER: You know what ma'am, I swear it was over ten shots I heard.

DISPATCHER: Not fireworks?

CALLER: No, it's not fireworks. It's gunshots.

DISPATCHER: Okay, I'm just checking.

Another caller tells 911 it's definitely not fireworks. "Sounds like somebody is shooting a gun. It doesn't sound like firecrackers because it's too rapid.

Dispatchers then tell officers to check the area. Two of the officers respond to what was the Green Onion restaurant, just off Kilauea Avenue.

"I'll be making further checks at the old Green Onion restaurant," said one officer.

"Five-zero. Likewise," says a second.

At first, the officers report seeing nothing suspicious. But then they spot a suspect hiding beneath a vehicle. No gunshots are heard on the recording, but one officer immediately radios that he's been hit.

OFFICER: Green Onion! Green Onion!

DISPATCHER: Units responding to Green Onion?

OFFICER: Central, send medic! Send medic!


OFFICER: Central, we got a man down. Central, officer shot!

Just a few moments later, a second officer calls for help.

OFFICER: Central, five-zero. I'm hit. (Pause) Send medic!


OFFICER: Send rescue!

No suspect was found immediately, and dispatch cautions other responding officers. "The suspect is not in custody. No description. Not in custody. Be advised. Exercise caution," the dispatcher says.

Martin was found the next day, ending a 17-hour manhunt. He shot himself in the chest as police surrounded the Hilo home where he was hiding. He survived, as did the two officers he allegedly shot.

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