Dynamic Capacity

(HawaiiNewsNow) - Mike Rouleau, senior vice president of Business Development and Strategy for TW Telecom, today discussed his company's unique real-time, bandwidth-on-demand service, called Dynamic Capacity, during an exclusive interview with Sunrise. The new service is now available to local businesses and organizations and allows Hawaii enterprise customers the ability to reconfigure their network in real-time, to immediately double or triple network capacity without service interruption. This unprecedented network flexibility and control is unique in the industry.

TW Telecom, is a leading provider of managed services, including Business Ethernet, converged and IP VPN solutions for enterprises in Hawaii, throughout the U.S. and to global locations. "This TW Telecom Intelligent Network feature provides businesses the ability to respond in real time to the changing demands on their business, increasing capacity for an ultimate applications experience" Rouleau said. "It is the Holy Grail for IT departments and CIOs in helping them achieve optimum network performance."

"Businesses today face significant challenges in how to efficiently manage network bandwidth capacity in response to new Cloud apps or changes in existing applications," Rouleau said. "TW Telecom addresses these needs with its Intelligent Network capabilities, specifically Dynamic Capacity."

Industry analysts like Frost and Sullivan and Vertical Systems Group, claim that no other service puts the customer in immediate control of their network like Dynamic Capacity. It provides health care providers, financial organizations, educational institutions, and numerous other businesses and organizations with the ability to adjust their operating networks to meet the demands of their applications. This leads to tremendous efficiency and capability.

"With TW Telecom's Dynamic Capacity and Enhanced Management services, enterprise customers are able to scale their Business Ethernet Bandwidth and capacity immediately across their network, without service interruption, through the same simple to use MyPortal interface they use for all TW Telecom services," said Cliff Miyake, vice president and general manager for TW Telecom in Hawaii. "Easy-to-use reports are available via tw telecom's MyPortal interface, which provides information that improves troubleshooting, planning, and peak application performance."

"In addition to allowing customers to expand network capacity in seconds, TW telecom's MyPortal feature also allows them to monitor the cost of bandwidth increases and budget more efficiently for an organizational or business activity requiring above average network resources," Miyake said.

TW Telecom, headquartered in Littleton, CO., is a leading national provider of managed services, including Business Ethernet, converged and IP VPN solutions for enterprises throughout the U.S. and globally. tw telecom also delivers secure, scalable private connections for transport data networking, Internet access, voice, VPN, VoIP and security to large organizations and communications services companies. Employing a resilient fiber network infrastructure, robust product portfolio and its own Intelligent Network capabilities, tw telecom delivers customers overall economic value, an industry-leading quality service experience, and improved business productivity.Click HERE for more information.