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Malloy, Murphy upset about new NRA app


Some legislators from Connecticut are upset about a new app being released by the National Rifle Association on the month anniversary of the Newtown school shooting.

The new Apple iPhone and iPad app called the NRA: Practice Range allows players to shoot targets at a "practice range" with a variety of guns, including handguns, an AK-47 and an M-16.

However, the release of the new game comes on the one-month anniversary of Adam Lanza shooting and killing his mother at their home, then going to Sandy Hook Elementary School and killing 26 children and adults.

The Bushmaster AR-15, which was used by Lanza during the school shooting, is one of the weapons that players can use.

The release of the app, which is intended for people 12 years old and older, did not sit well with Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and he called it "offensive."

"How dumb can you get? How insulting can you be? How tone deaf can you be? You can quote me on anyone of those," he said during a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

In the wake of the Newtown school shooting one month ago Monday, Malloy said he thinks it's unacceptable.

"The idea that they decided on one month anniversary to release that, and I've been on the app and you can push a button and hear a gun going off and it's clearly, it's offensive," he said.

However, Malloy was not alone on the issue.

"The NRA seems intent on continuing to insult the families of the victims of Sandy Hook," said U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy in a statement Tuesday. "How could they think it was a good idea to use the one-month anniversary of the tragedy at Sandy Hook to release a game that teaches 4-year-olds to shoot assault weapons? No matter what outrageous new tool they use, the NRA cannot make a straight-faced case that sport shooters need military-style weapons to enjoy their hobby."

The NRA, which is the largest gun rights lobbying firm in the United States, has previously blamed video games, movies and music videos, saying they expose children to a violent culture day in and day out, according to The Associated Press.

A California-based grassroots progressive organization said the app should be rejected and have started a petition to get Apple to pull it.

"This is a classic example of everything that is wrong with the NRA. Instead of coming to the table with constructive ideas to reduce gun violence, the NRA is instead developing a video game that glorifies guns and gun violence," Courage Campaign said in a statement Tuesday. "It is yet another shameful example, in a long list of shameful examples, of the destructive role the NRA plays in reducing gun violence and making our schools, communities and streets safer."

People can sign the petition at the following link.

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