Abandoned, neglected dogs found in Leeward Oahu

Abandoned, neglected dogs found in Leeward Oahu

The K9 Kokua animal organization has had a busy week, dealing with three separate cases involving five dogs.

Three lab hound puppies were found out in Mokuleia last Tuesday night.  Tourists said someone dropped them off near their rental.  The dogs were starving and lethargic.  They put out a call for help online.  Gabrielle Johnson answered and picked them up.

"You look in their ears and you couldn't even see through they were covered with ticks. You could see the spine bone running all the way down their backs to the tail," said Gabrielle Johnson, Good Samaritan.

Two of the dogs stayed in the ICU two nights.  While they were raising funds to pay the bill two more cases came in.  A Chihuahua mix had such bad fleas and ticks all its fur fell off.  And a pit bull mix has various diseases, is underweight and may not make it.

"Especially to get to that point that they were so starved. Why keep them that long and then dump them? Take them to a shelter. There are plenty of people who love them, who love all animals and will take them and be sure they get the proper care they need and find them a home," said Johnson.

K9 Kokua is raising funds to pay for the vet bills which have run into the thousands of dollars.  But more importantly they are trying to raise awareness that dumping animals leads to many other problems.

Organizations like K9 Kokua, the Oahu SPCA and Hawaiian Humane Society are just a few that can help.

"There is no need to let them starve to death and suffer," said Johnson.

The three lab hounds are already doing better recovering in foster care but not quite ready for adoption.

If you would like to help pay for some of the medical costs search K9 Kokua on Facebook.

"It's all very costly. Any little donation helps. We've gotten donations anywhere from $7 to $100 and it's all very appreciated," said Johnson.

They have also contacted the Honolulu Police Department and Hawaiian Humane Society to open animal cruelty cases.

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