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THE IMPOSSIBLE is a powerful well directed film that  vividly captures the agony and fear experienced by a married couple and their three young sons who were caught in the 2004 tsunami while vacationing at a coastal resort in Thailand.
Plus, all of the actors give amazingly vulnerable performances.
Naomi Watts and Ewan Mcgregor star as the parents of 3 young boys spending their Christmas vacation at a luxury resort in southern Thailand before their happiness is cut short by the devastating tsunami of 2004.
A huge wave smashes through the resort, damaging if not destroying everything in its path. Although all five family members survive the initial impact, they are separated.  Henry, the father, and the two younger boys find each other inside the resort.

But Maria, the mother, and the oldest boy, Lucas, are swept inland and find themselves alone, chest deep in water, wondering when the next wave will hit.

All five suffer injuries, but Maria's wounds are actually life threatening.  Still, she is determined to help a little boy she hears screaming for help.

When Henry calls home to Australia and finds out that nobody has heard from his wife, he breaks down.

But luckily, some local people have come to her rescue.

Obviously, THE IMPOSSIBLE is not light entertainment. It's a harrowing story of fear, suffering, persistence, compassion, and ultimately survival.
Even though parts of the film  are hard to watch, the acting is exceptional. Naomi Watts just received an Oscar nomination for her performance.  But Ewan Mcgregor probably should have had one also. And the oldest boy, Lucas, played by Tom Holland  is completely convincing as well.

Director Juan Bayona made only one movie before this one--a horror film.  it must have been good preparation.
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