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Tom Moffatt: The Show Must Go On

In 1950 a Michigan farm boy named Tom Moffatt came to Hawaii. Little did the twenty-year-old Moffatt know that he would soon have a profound effect on the cultural life of Hawaii. As a radio disc jockey, he brought rock-and-roll to Hawaii, literally spinning the first rock-and roll record. As a concert promoter, he managed to bring the biggest acts to the most isolated spot in the world. From Elvis Presley concert of 1957; to early rockers like Chuck Berry, the Rolling Stones, Jimmy Hendrix, the Doors; to pop superstars Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and Elton John; to legends like Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles, Tom Moffatt brought the world to Hawaii and helped to forge life-long bonds between the islands and some of the world's greatest entertainers. Decades before the internet, he helped connect Hawaii with the rest of the world. As a record producer, manager, and promoter, he also played an integral role in Hawaiian Renaissance of the 1970s and 1980s.

Moffatt likens himself to Forrest Gump, always being in the right place at the right time in order to usher in the next big thing. But luck couldn't be the only factor responsible for his phenomenal success. What has enabled him to endure, and flourish, for more than six decades in one of the toughest businesses known to man?

To study the life of this one-of-a-kind impresario is to study the history of entertainment in Hawaii from the 1950s to today. Join us for this one-hour television special, Tom Moffatt: The Show Must Go On, premiering January 17th at 7pm on KGMB and an encore presentation January 23rd at 9pm KHNL. What emerges is not just a profile of a man, but also a profile of post-statehood Hawaii. For in the process of pursuing his own passions, Tom Moffatt has helped to shape the cultural landscape of Hawaii. It is difficult to imagine a Hawaii without Tom Moffatt and Tom without Hawaii. The two are one in the same.

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