Thief disrupts vacation of 14-year-old cancer survivor

Ryan Dozer
Ryan Dozer
Tim Dozer
Tim Dozer

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A thief made off with a bag containing precious memories for a 14-year-old boy and his family visiting from Ohio. And they're hoping someone will bring them back.

The bag included a camera and video camera with dozens of pictures of what has been a dream vacation for Ryan Dozer and his family. Dozer is a cancer survivor who was diagnosed with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma last April, and recently completed several grueling months of treatment.

"I really like the tropics," said Ryan. "I like the fruit and the food and all the activities that you can do."

And so Ryan, his brother, his sister and their parents are here in the tropics, in Hawaii. Thursday, they were being treated like royalty at the Paradise Cove Luau, with their trip courtesy of the Make-a-Wish Foundation, which grants the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses.

"They granted his wish to come to Hawaii, fly over a volcano, go deep sea fishing and learn how to windsurf," said Ryan's father, Tim Dozer.

The family was at Kailua Beach Thursday morning. "So while we're out windsurfing, somebody had stolen our bag," said Tim Dozer. "And in the bag was our camera and our video camera with all the pictures and videos that we've taken during Ryan's Make-a-Wish trip."

The family managed to upload just three or four of those pictures to their Facebook page before the cameras were stolen.

"We ate at Jawaiian Irie Jerk (restaurant) last night," said Ryan's mom, Laura.

"Yeah, he saw that on the Food Channel. He wanted to eat there," said Ryan's dad.

"And his pictures are missing of that," his mom said.

The thief put a dent into what otherwise is the kind of vacation anyone would wish to have.

"I was confused on what was happening at the time, but mostly disappointed that someone would do that," said Ryan.

"We hike Manoa Falls," said Tim Dozer. "Beautiful, beautiful pictures. Beautiful. And Ryan and all of our kids really enjoyed that."

"I'd love to get those pictures back," said Laura Dozer.

Ryan's hair has returned after chemotherapy, and his father said he'll still have to undergo health screenings every three months for the next five years before he can be declared clear of cancer. Meantime, the Dozers also started a foundation to help other children with cancer in the Columbus, Ohio, area.

Anyone with information on the cameras or the pictures can call Honolulu Police. The Dozers also said they could be returned to the front desk of the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel.

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