Weather brings that kind of day

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - It was the kind of day to make three women huddled under one umbrella wish they didn't come to work.  A day where a sweet little old lady had to fight her umbrella in the wind and rain.  A day when puddles got pounded and palm trees teetered.

It was a day when workers carried more umbrellas than briefcases. And a day to make visitors wonder what's up?

Sandy Wang flew in from New York to celebrate her New Year's birthday. But Mother Nature hasn't given her any gifts.

"I got here on New Year's Day and I'm leaving Sunday," said Sandy Wang, Manhattan, New York.

"And how many of those days did it rain?" we ask.

"All of them so far," laughed Wang.

Despite the elements hungry workers downtown still follow their stomachs over the forecast.

Rain didn't sour sales at Little Soul Cafe and Catering.  In fact it heats up business.

"Actually I think wet weather works better for Little Soul than most because we sell really good comfort food. Yeah I kind of like it when it rains," said Sean Priester, Little Soul Cafe and Catering Owner.

It's also a day that's made up for lost ground, not in landslides which there have been, but in rainfall.

The Lyon Arboretum rain gauge in Manoa has collected six inches of water in the last day.  That's more than the entire month of November.

"The front is sagging over the top of us. Plenty of moisture around it's pretty much stuck in place. As it stays there the trade winds are building in strong and so all that moisture is being rung out mainly over the mountains," said Mike Cantin, National Weather Service.

Overall it's a day to make you think about tomorrow.

"Looks like both the rain and the wind will stick around until at least the weekend into early next week," said Cantin.

That's a bummer for birthday girl Sandy Wang who heads back home Sunday.

"I wasn't expecting it to be raining the whole time but it's still better than New York," said Wang. "I think it's snowing in New York."

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