Waimea swimming pool equipment vandalized

WAIMEA, KAUAI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Kauai officials say that sometime over the last few days, the entire mobile chair lift at the Waimea swimming pool was ripped off its platform and thrown into the pool.

The staff at the Waimea pool spent several hours today retrieving the broken parts.

"We're very disappointed that this senseless act was committed," said Lenny Rapozo, director of the Department of Parks and Recreation. "Now, people with special needs who use the chair lift in order to engage in water activities can no longer do so at the Waimea pool."

He noted that when this type of thing happens, everyone is affected.

"There are replacement costs and manpower requirements, all of which are born by the taxpayer," said Rapozo. "In addition, the time spent tending to this project means time taken away from another parks project."

Anyone with information regarding the vandalism at the Waimea pool is urged to call Police Dispatch, 241-1711, or Crime Stoppers, 241-1887.

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