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Sources: Gun store had federal firearms license pulled after raid


Law enforcement sources said the federal firearms license for Riverview Gun Sales in East Windsor was pulled the day of the raid, so it cannot buy or sell guns

Sources added more corrective action may be on the way.

Police arrested Jordan Marsh, 26, of South Windsor after he was caught stealing a 50-caliber long gun on Dec. 15.

Later in the day, police seized an AR-15 with a scope that was found in a duffel bag at the Hartford Hilton where Marsh was staying. Police said that gun was stolen from Riverview Gun Sales.

The East Windsor Police Department said Riverview Gun Sales had no idea the AR-15 Marsh stole was missing. Management at the store didn't know about 11 guns that Marsh had allegedly stolen last year until they were notified by detectives.

Riverview Gun Sales is now connected to the Newtown tragedy as well. Eyewitness News also learned, this is the same store where Nancy Lanza, the mother of Newtown killer Adam Lanza, legally bought at least one of her weapons.

Following a raid by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on Dec. 20, Riverview Gun Sales cannot buy or sell guns, only accessories including ammunition, targets and gun cases. 

Law enforcement sources said in the next few days the store may lose its state license, which would forbid it from operating at all. This may be due in part to the fact that on the night of the ATF raid, there were more than 20 guns that were determined missing.

Law enforcement sources said the guns are now accounted for, and while they don't have them, they know who does. Eyewitness News sources told the station Riverview may not have done the proper paperwork on them.

Criminal violations may be lodged against the store owner, law enforcement sources told Eyewitness News.

Riverview Gun Sales store owner David Laguercia talked to Eyewitness News, but refused to comment.

There was a steady flow of customers at Riverview Gun Sales Thursday afternoon and they reacted to the allegations.

"I totally agree with that, you know not being able to sell guns until they're cleared of all, whatever happened," said store customer Tom Jepson of Meriden.

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