Local Connection: Bad Ballots

Local Connection: Bad Ballots

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - By: Rick Blangiardi

Last week we had an editorial all ready to go that asked why there had been no outrage over the fact that the office of elections ran out of ballots on Election Day.

As you know, ballot shortages at 51 of Oahu's 142 precincts forced hundreds of people to wait in line on Election Day. Overall, 24 precincts did not receive ballots at all.

Nobody knows how many people got fed up and decided not to vote, but losing any potential votes is shameful and nobody in the election office had a sufficient explanation of what went wrong.

A unanimous vote by the city council requested gov. Abercrombie to conduct an investigation and the league of women voters asked the state legislature to review the situation. But no other official action had been taken and we feared all was lost.

Then the governor took matters into his own hands and not only asked his attorney general to investigate but he proposed we look at 100 percent mail-in voting, which has worked well in other states.

The state elections commission decided last week to appoint a subcommittee to find out what happened. Elections chief Scott Nago is finally feeling the heat.

Let's face it: this state has a dismal voting record. We should do everything we can to keep one of our most cherished rights from becoming something other than a miserable experience.

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