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Many of the films in theaters right now are worth seeing: LIFE OF PI, HITCHCOCK, JACK REACHER with Tom Cruise, and director Quentin Tarantino's DJANGO UNCHAINED  are all good choices.

But for my money, the romantic comedy-drama, SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK is the best film out there.

Pat (to his shrink): Doc, I have one incident. I come home from work. I see my wife's in the shower. I pull the curtain back…(we see her with another man), so yeah, I snapped.

Bradley Cooper stars at Pat, a fired teacher, now living with his parents after spending 8 months in a mental hospital for beating up his wife's boyfriend.

Unfortunately, he's still somewhat out of control (We see him throw a copy of Hemingway's A FAREWELL TO ARMS  through the window and onto the lawn.)

Pat (at the top of his voice to his parents): The whole time you're rooting for this Hemingway guy to survive the war and to be with the woman he loves.
Pat's mom: It's four o'clock in the morning.
Pat (ignoring his mother): Can't somebody say, let's have a good ending to the story?

Motor mouth Pat is a handful and then some. He's been diagnosed as bipolar, and he's obsessed with getting his estranged wife back even though she has a restraining order against him.

Then he meets Jennifer Lawrence as Tiffany, a young widow suffering from depression and low self esteem. They get to know each other over raisin bran and tea at a diner.
Pat: So how did you lose your job?
Tiffany: By having sex with everybody in the office.
Pat: Everybody?
Tiffany: I was very depressed after Tommy died.
Pat: We don't have to talk about it. (very brief pause) How many were there?

This film is a very unconventional romantic comedy drama about two wounded people. It's funny, unpredictable, and at times heartbreaking. Winner of the audience award at the Toronto Film Festival, SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK also features a terrific performance by Robert De Niro as Pat's football obsessed father. Dear old dad is also a superstitious bookie, always betting on the Philadelphia Eagles. He is dubious about his son's "recovery."

There's no doubt that SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK can be considered quirky and eccentric, but that's part of its crowd pleasing appeal.
(Pat and Tiffany are walking together, holding hands.)
Pat (looking down at their hands): What's this?
Tiffany: I thought you were doing it.
Pat: I thought you were doing it.

SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK is fresh, intelligent, and highly entertaining. Try not to miss it.
Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.

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