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Vandals trash Fort Barrette Archery Range

Craig Stenstrom (at right) explains the extent of the damage to the archery range Craig Stenstrom (at right) explains the extent of the damage to the archery range
KAPOLEI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

The Fort Barrette Archery Range has been closed until further notice after vandals caused $3,000 to $5,000 in damage to the facility.

The range is owned by the city, but the Bushwackers Archery Club has operated and maintained the range since 1972. One of the club members discovered the vandalism Friday, and called club president Craig Stenstrom. He immediately drove to the range.

"It was trashed," said Stenstrom, standing in a field of debris that was the main target range. "This morning it was a lot worse. I had the members leave this alone because I want all the other members and I want the City and County to see it."

Stenstrom examined the targets, each of them weighing 600 to 700 pounds. They were toppled over, cut up with knives and ripped up. "They just wanted to totally destroy these things. For what, I don't know."

According to Stenstrom, the vandals may have entered the eleven-acre facility at the front gates. Some of the club members are hunters, and found three fresh tracks in the dirt there, including the tracks of two different pairs of slippers and a pair of shoes. 

The range is usually open only on weekends and holidays and draws about 60 people who enjoy the sport. The club also holds archery meets, and winners get their awards in an area that includes picnic tables and benches. The vandals also struck here, toppling the tables and damaging part of a small building.

Another area has three-dimensional animal targets. Those were also damaged and moved. Signs were ripped out of the ground and bent.

Stenstrom believes the range will be closed for about a month for repairs.

"We've got a lot of the members coming in tomorrow morning to try to put things back together if we can, try to salvage whatever we can," he said.

The club doesn't have much money, but Stenstrom said it is offering a $500 cash reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsible. Anyone with information is asked to call police. The club is also seeking donations to help with the repairs, with contact information on their Web site.

For now, Stenstrom can only look at the damage and wonder why.

"They just ripped them. Tore them up," he said, looking at the targets. "Just malicious."

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