City's siren adoption app wins national recognition

The City's "Adopt-a-Siren" computer app has been named one of the "Best Open Data Releases of 2012" by The Atlantic magazine's Cities column.

"It's great to have a national magazine recognize our efforts to protect Oahu's residents and visitors by making it easy to help ensure tsunami sirens are working properly," said Mayor Peter Carlisle. "I commend director Gordon Bruce, former deputy director Forest Frizzell and the entire Department of Information Technology team for making Honolulu a smarter city."

The app, created by the City and Code for America, used public data regarding tsunami siren locations to allow people to "adopt" a siren and make sure it functions properly during drills and to report any problems.

More information about Adopt-a-Siren, including the app and a sign-up link, is available at: .

More information about The Atlantic's Best Open Data Releases of 2012 is available at:

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