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'The Eddie' won't go this weekend, organizers say; Contest hasn't run since 2009

Kevin Dale Kevin Dale
Captain John Hoogsteden of Ocean Safety and Lifeguard Services Captain John Hoogsteden of Ocean Safety and Lifeguard Services

**UPDATE - Friday 8:54 a.m. - Event organizers of the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau say the contest has officially been called off for an incoming swell this weekend. Waves will be too inconsistent, with the brunt of waves coming in overnight on Monday.

On the North Shore, a high surf warning that has been in effect since 6 a.m. continues to grow, and a second swell expected over the weekend is predicted to be large enough that The Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau, more popularly known as The Eddie, could run on Sunday.

The word has already gotten out to surfers, who have been taking part in an active week on the north-facing beaches.

"This last swell that we had it was churning up," said Kevin Dale, who has lived on the North Shore for nearly 50 years.  "There was a lot of places where you could be stuck in 'no man's land.'"

With the holidays in full swing and more people hitting the North Shore, that's exactly what happened.

"Last Saturday, the surf came up all day we had 70 rescues," said Captain John Hoogsteden of Ocean Safety and Lifeguard Services.

And Hoogsteden says the action will continue.

"We are expecting several 'High Surf Warning' events the next week throughout the new year," said Hoogsteden.

Surfers are asking if a swell arriving on Sunday could be big enough to finally hold "The Eddie." 28 invited surfers are on stand-by to see if the "Quicksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau" will go.

"It is a really good feeling to have all of the brothers together just enjoying the gifts of nature," said Dale.

The last running of "The Eddie" was in 2009, when wave heights reached over 20 feet.  Wave models of a storm system just south of the Aleutian Islands show could similar sized waves could start to arrive this Sunday.

"The Eddie" Competition Base Camp is in "wait and watch mode." They'll likely make an official public announcement by Friday afternoon if "Eddie" conditions are materializing.  With the High Surf Warning in effect, the anticipation is on.

"I like how they wait until we have sufficient waves it can flood the beach, yeah, it is a show. The last time we had 'the Eddie' we said the world arrived at Waimea Bay," said Dale.

Now, we will see what the competition director decides.

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