Man pulls Christmas prank with over-sized tree

AP Photo/Elaine Thompson
AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

(CNN) -- It's a Christmas tree so bizarre it might leave even Santa perplexed.

Maybe if this homeowner had measured better, his Christmas tree wouldn't have burst through his roof.

What's crazy is how crazy everyone is about this Christmas tree stunt that really doesn't stump anyone for more than a few seconds. Patrick Kruger says, "We bought a 14 foot tree and I cut the top 6 feet of it off."

Then plunked it onto a plywood platform on the roof and artfully arranged shingles around it.

Seattle architect Patrick Kruger has always been a huge fan of the movie Christmas vacation. In which the main character Clark Griswold is obsessed with the perfect tree.

That's kind of what Patrick did. His license plate even pays homage to the Christmas- fixated Griswolds.

Actually the first tree Patrick put on the roof had a problem your average living room tree doesn't, it blew off.

The plywood platform it's on had to be bolted down. True, this is not a new concept. In England and in Lincolnwood, Illinois there have been grander versions of the same visual joke with the tree cut in three.

What Patrick needs and has is a kinky Christmas tree as well as a nice plump regular one with a star that grazes the ceiling rather than pierces it.