EXCLUSIVE: Drug-Free Coalition in contract dispute with city

EXCLUSIVE: Drug-Free Coalition in contract dispute with city

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Coalition for a Drug-Free Hawaii's executive director said his non-profit is being short-changed by the city on a $200,000 contract signed in 2010.

"We want to get paid," Alan Shinn said.

The organization partnered with Kapolei High School's youth team to create a campaign to address underage drinking. The school made the materials. The Coalition provided guidance.

"We trained them in the social media aspects, the concepts," Shinn said. "They took it and ran."

But Shinn said when he submitted reimbursement invoices to the city's Community Services Division, the office's auditing was burdensome and payments were slow, sometimes 120 days after an invoice was submitted.

"They were questioning things like $2.10 purchases. That's really over the top," he said.

The contract ended in May. Shinn said the city owes him about $80,000.

The city said it will pay about $72,000, but not $8,000 for expenses it says are not covered under the contract.

"We feel that when we go into a contract with the city or the state, it's a partnership. A partnership means trust. It means accountability. It means communication, and we're not getting any of that from the city," Shinn said.

The city said the disallowed reimbursements include some questionable requests. One was a $233.37 bill for food and games at a bowling alley. Disallowances for the entire contract total  $16,271.49.

The city said the Coalition for a Drug-Free Hawaii violated the contract by not submitting invoices and documentation monthly, and invoices exceeded the $200,000 contract limit by $13,669.74.

Shinn isn't budging.

"We expect a hundred percent contract reimbursement," he said.

He said the Kapolei campaign was a big success, and the city must pay what he claims the Coalition is owed.

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