Oahu farmland, birthing stone site protected

Associated Press

HONOLULU (AP) - Government agencies and a nonprofit are coming together to prevent development of Oahu farmland and a site where Hawaiian royalty once went to give birth.

The Trust for Public Land assembled $25 million from public and private sources to buy 1,700 acres of former pineapple fields from a family trust that is dissolving.

The deal includes 500 acres around Kukaniloko, where royalty gave birth starting in the 1100s. They believed children born at the site would have mana, or spiritual power.

The Trust for Public Land is giving those 500 acres to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs

It's giving the remaining 1,200 acres to the state Agribusiness Development Corp., which plans to lease the land to farmers.

The Estate of George Galbraith sold the land as part of its dissolution.

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