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Kauai County cracking down on junk mail

LIHUE, Hawaii (AP) - The county of Kauai has a program aimed at cracking down on junk mail and saving landfill space.

The "Stop Unwanted Mail" program is intended to let residents stop getting mail they don't want, including phone books, catalogs and credit card solicitations.

It is a partnership between the county and Catalog Choice Mail Preference Service. Residents who want to participate must register with Catalog Choice, which will contact the companies that send the offending mail and ask the companies to stop sending it.

The county says this is part of its overall effort to be more environmentally conscious. Officials expect to be able to track how many trees were saved and how much solid waste was diverted from the landfill through the program.

The web site is https://kauai.catalogchoice.org.

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