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Young mother of 3 hopes for first real Christmas for family

Hawaii News Now has been featuring families who need a little holiday boost this season. If you're looking to adopt-a-family and spread some cheer, HNN met a young mom who knows the meaning of sacrifice and would just like to start some holiday traditions of her own.

23 year old Carmen Mendoza dreams of the perfect Christmas for her daughters.

"Well, having a tree, that's like the most important and the decorations for the tree. I wanted to start a thing where they would make an ornament each year. We haven't started that yet because we haven't ever had a tree. Also, making a nice dinner and opening presents," says Mendoza.

She and her fiance have never been able to afford a real Christmas for their three girls. 5 year old Gabriela would like a model airplane and "a coloring book and crayons!" she says.

3 year old Alicia decided just to go for it. We asked, "If Santa Claus was here, what would you ask him (for)?" She answered, "Everything!" We said, "You want everything!?"

And Mendoza would like books to read to four month old, Evie. Mendoza's goal is to someday build a bookshelf when they get a home of their own. Her fiancé, Ever, manages a Starbucks, fulltime, and she works part-time at Ross - enough to make ends meet but little else. Sometimes, the money stress gets to her.

"I try not to get overwhelmed," says Mendoza. "I try to just keep myself calm and just think about the girls because they don't know that there's anything wrong. They think that their life is perfect and happy, and you know, I just want to keep it like that."

Alicia and Gabby draw rainbow pictures to give to Santa. We met the family at the Child and Family Service Center in Ewa because the two rooms the family rents in a home in Waipahu are too small for all of us to fit.

While the girls have thought about what they want this Christmas, their mother has not."I've never wanted stuff for so long that I don't even know what I want. Like I don't even know if I should buy anything because I don't want to waste money," says Mendoza.

The young parents are trying hard to get ahead and are hoping, maybe this year, a Christmas wish or two will come true.

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