Sister remembers last call with brother before fatal crash

Sister Remembers last call with brother before fatal crash

The family of the man who died in yesterday's car crash in Wahiawa is speaking out and one of his sisters was on the phone with him during the fatal high speed chase.

Flowers mark the accident scene and the pole that split 38 year old Michael Daraban's car into two pieces.  At 6:00 that morning Honolulu Police went to his house in Wahiawa with a warrant.  He wasn't home but officers later spotted him and the chase began.  At 7:01 a.m. he took a call from his sister.

"When I called him they were already chasing him and that's when I must have got in the middle of it," said Maurica Daniel, Daraban's sister.

She says she heard her brother telling the driver, 29 year old Steven Sandry, to slow down.  Minutes later they crashed.  Daraban died at the scene.

"I was the last one to actually talk to him. Knowing that maybe if I was to tell him to tell the guy to pull over or do something totally different that maybe I could have saved his life. I felt pretty helpless. I don't want my brother to be hurt. I don't want anything to happen to him. I guess I could have maybe tried more. And maybe he would still be with us," said Daniel.

"What do you wish you could tell him?"

"That no matter what I love him and he's always going to be my brother. If he was in trouble or not I was always there for him. That we do love him and miss him," responded Daniel.

Daraban wasn't a saint.  He was convicted of drug charges, spent four years in prison and was released last November.

"He told me many times he had a hard time coping with being out of jail, being around a lot of people and the pressure of having to get a job and do well and the shame of being in jail. It was difficult for him," said Malia Daraban, sister.

"It's been really difficult because I feel like I haven't had enough time to make memories with my dad," said Briell Daraban, Daraban's daughter. "I was really hoping to spend this holiday with him but I'm not going to be able to anymore."

Her last conversation with him was to tell him she had been accepted to the University of Westminster and would be going to school in London in January.

For all of Daraban's mistakes in life and missing nearly all of her high school years, it taught his daughter a lesson.

"I think it made me a better person. Of course it hurt me and I wish I had a better childhood with him but I know I'm never going to make those mistakes. I am completely drug free and that's not who I want to be but I loved my dad. He was a good person," said Briell Daraban.  "I didn't want people to see him as a bad person because he wasn't a bad person. Everybody I think makes mistakes and he just lost his footing a little bit. He lost his way and I don't think people should focus on his prior convictions."

Instead they should focus on his daughter's successes.

There has also been an update in the investigation. Honolulu Police say the driver of the car Steven Sandry, 29, was arrested for negligent homicide and negligent injury. He has since been released pending investigation.

The woman in the car they hit has been upgraded to good condition.

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