New York City records day with nobody shot, stabbed, or slashed

NEW YORK (AP) - For the first time police officials can remember, New York City went through an entire day with no one shot, stabbed or slashed.

The Daily News reports that the one-day no-crime wave happened Monday. Police spokesman Paul Browne said it was a nice way to start the week.

Browne said he couldn't remember the last time the city experienced 24 hours with no reported gun or knife violence.

The city is on track to record the lowest number of murders in decades. There have been 366 murders so far this year, compared with 472 all of last year.

New York City's murder rate peaked at 2,245 in 1990.

Someone did pull a trigger Monday. Police said a 16-year-old in the Bronx accidentally shot himself in the thigh.

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