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Tears flow as crash victim sees totaled vehicle for first time

KAPOLEI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

It was an emotional day for one of the survivors in Tuesday's horrific car crash in Ewa Beach, as Landa Jeffery saw the damage done to her Porsche SUV and is convinced the car saved her life.

Brand new, the 2006 Porsche Cayenne was worth $77,000, but it turns out it may have been worth much more than that.

Jeffery bought the used Porsche three years ago on Black Friday, and little did she know, that decision would later save her life.

Comforted by her daughter, Landa Jeffery felt the impact, again, from Tuesday's crash when she saw the damage at the Leeward Auto Wreckers yard in Kapolei.

"It's worse than I thought," said Jeffery, fighting back tears.  "This is what scared me is seeing this because it literally ripped everything under the door."

Tuesday she was driving home from buying a Thanksgiving turkey when witnesses say a GMC Envoy crossed the center line on Kaimalie Street and slammed into her head on.

"Looking at that now wow, it's much more impact than seeing it in the pictures online. I haven't cried until now and I really thank God the truck held together the way it did because if it hadn't that would have been the last thing I saw was the Envoy," said Jeffery. "I really shouldn't have made it through it. Anything else I wouldn't have made it through."

She says the 2006 Porsche Cayenne S Titanium was built for the Autobahn, designed to crumple at the ends lessening the impact of passengers. And it worked.

"I'm amazed I'm alive," said Jeffery. "I don't exactly remember the impact. I was there, I saw that vehicle and you have an instant recognition that he's not going to make it and then nothing. And you realize it's bright and you're sitting there and you don't remember the impact."

The 41 year old mother is a triathlete.  She just retired after 22 years in the Air force.

Two years ago she was wounded in Afghanistan.  Earlier this year she was hit by a car coming from church while on her bike.  Then there was this week's accident.  As unlucky as it seems she's been...

"I'm so glad you weren't in there baby," she said while her daughter's car seat was removed from the wreckage.

She feels lucky because her 8 year old daughter Alyssa wasn't with her.

"If she had been in there and been hurt or if this was somebody with a family in a small car, the thought of that is just horrible," said Jeffery.  "I truly believe everything happens for a reason."

She will need surgery to put pins in on her broken arm to hold it in place and her broken foot will heal in time.  But the memories from the accident will last forever.  She took the emblems from her totaled Porsche as keepsakes.

"I'll always appreciate it," said Jeffery. "I am convinced that this truck saved my life."

Police believe the 16 year old driver that hit her was drinking.  Ironically her husband teaches driving classes for people convicted of DUI and was teaching at the time of the crash.

They've also talked with their daughter about the dangers of drinking and driving.

"I will never do that," said Alyssa Jeffery.

Landa Jeffery says she isn't exactly sure why this accident happened to her but she also says sometimes your purpose in life is to be a warning for others.

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